“Raw and Righteous.”

~ Blues Revue

“These guys know when to cook and when to lie back, providing a textbook example of how to merge the modern with the moldy.”

~ Blues Revue

“Compared with other contemporary units who cover this territory, the band is refreshing in its restraint.”

~ Living Blues

“A sleeper pick for this year's Top Ten CD list will undoubtedly be Midnight Creep

~ Blues Bytes

“Easy Bill is a talented artist who has delivered as good a set of 50’s blues, rock’n’roll, and R&B as I have heard in a long time; a set that will delight lovers of all of these genres; and one that obviously comes recommended.”

~ Blues In Britain

“Easy Bill has the Big Beat down.”

~ Blue Suede News

“Two thirds of the tracks are self-penned, and you sense that in a live setting they would provide hugely enjoyable entertainment.”

~ Blues Matters

“***** Five stars... Excellent ”

~ Rockabilly Magazine

“ Rocking You With One Steady Roll ”
Easy Bill   Easy_Bill_%26_The_Big_Beat.html
Big BeatEasy_Bill_%26_The_Big_Beat.html

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